In a world of rapidly falling company lifespans, LongWealth is a specialist advisory devoted to help leaders build productively durable companies – which we call “Living Machines”. As a result, leaders gain mastery over 70% of their future value creation potential.

Festina lente “Make haste slowly” – Our Guiding Principle

This charming proverb once peeled open, reveals deeper layers of meaning which is emblematic of everything we do at LongWealth. We integrate polarities which dominate conventional management thinking and bring every aspect into a state of unification.  This offers leaders a viable alternative which avoids the conventional pitfalls of disintegration, paralysis and self-destruction playing out in most organisations. The Living Machine model; its concept, tools, techniques rooted firmly in non-duality and cutting edge corporate finance, offers an entirely fresh approach to understand and test value creation. It is an effective antidote against powerful entropic forces and protects the productive longevity of organisations.

It defines everything we do with leadership to the balance Space- Time- Value paradigm inside organisations. Most organisations are in a state of time scarcity or penury which is depleting their vital spaces of purpose and mindset, their relationships, culture, creativity and in turn the longevity and value. Regaining the balance will require a variety of dualities across the organisation to be deftly bought back to a state of constant, unified awareness.

Festina Lente also accurately reflects our approach to work; Slow, Deep and Long. All aspects of our work are performed with a proper balance of urgency and diligence. All tasks are taken to full depth such that implicit patters emerge and long-term benefits accrue for our clients. Most of our work is done in a state of flow due to which the impact of our work is at its peak, thus benefiting our clients far beyond time bound transcational models. Every aspect of our work goes well beyond the conventional advisory model largely based on chronological time and billing by man hours.

The Longwealth approach helps companies harness the life force inside companies that builds intangible capital and generates 70% of future cashflows in a way that is recognised inside and outside the organisation. 

Companies can thrive in the new era by building intangible “capital” that drives their perpetuity value. There are 10 vital signs that such companies share.

Companies are being increasingly subject to the crush of technology and pressure to deliver on near term results. Further, companies face more frequent, unexpected business, social and environmental crises. All this points to the pressing need to make fundamental changes in the way organisations are being built, to stand the test of time.

The productive durability of India’s Top-100 companies.

Our most recent study reveals the longevity potential of India’s top 100 companies. Collectively, they represent US$ 1 trillion of Scarce Capital. But some companies and industries do much better than others. 

Our Vienna headquarters tap into the heritage of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

From Peter Drucker to Viktor Frankl, Vienna has been an intellectual powerhouse that has brought unprecedented innovations in science, philosophy, psychology and business to the world. Our headquarters in the heart of the city allow us to tap into these traditions and bring them to bear on our work with clients all over the world.

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