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The Father of Purpose

Matters which concern corporate longevity and value sustenance have long drawn my attention. When I decided to move on from my previous role as global strategy director of Brand Finance, I was responding to a series of compelling experiences with vanguard leaders. Perhaps the earliest and most deepest impressions were made when I worked with the Tata group. They were exhilarating experiences in many ways and forced me to abandon conventional notions of ‘brand’ and ‘value’ and dive deeper. Over time, I was left with no option but question the fundamentals of modern management, its belief systems and dogmas. 

This quest led to the birth of LongBrand in India and LongWealth in the EU. They are dedicated to pioneer the practice of Purpose led Business Designs. They work with owners, CEOs and management teams to instill a Purpose led Model that can orchestrate Intangibles (Brand, Stakeholder relations, Culture & Innovation).  It is my firm view that this is the missing link in governance and stewardship of wealth creation.

Even so, I was searching for someone who had real depth of experience in this emerging and poorly understood area of management. A person who could be a sounding board and reflect my ideas with his own experiences. I was delighted to find that in Nikos Mourkogiannis the author of the definitive book Purpose: The starting point of great companies. (http://www.amazon.com/Purpose-Starting-Point-Great-Companies/dp/0230605303). Nikos was the Chairman & CEO of five companies and his work as a consultant has earned him public testimonials from 30 global CEOs. After close two years of searching across the length and breadth of the globe (seriously), I had run into the ‘Father of Purpose’.

Nikos has shared a brief message on our engagement. 

“ In 2008, two years after my book on Purpose was published, the financial crisis erupted. Many sensed what lack of Purpose can do to a company, an organization, a country; indeed to the world.  Many started writing and speaking on Purpose. Some trivialized Purpose as a catchy word to burnish their public relations profile.  Unni has a genuine understanding of Purpose. The quality of his consulting proves it. Furthermore, his impressive career reveals a man who walks the talk. “

“Unni is known for his work on long-term value creation through the lens of brand and related intangibles, such as culture, innovation and stakeholder relationships. The driver of Unni’s work lies in connecting these assets to Purpose: the only source of lasting advantage and value sustenance. 

A lot of what has been achieved in Asia, where Unni worked for years, is the result of Purpose led Leadership. Without Purpose, western companies or that matter any company, will increasingly be at a disadvantage to compete and more financial crises shall occur.”

Together, we offer highly specialized strategic leadership services with a focus on building purpose led business designs and testing them for long-term value creation.

We wish to thank all of you for your support & encouragement !

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